Bosch-Dremel Glue Gun 910-3 Corded Compact Tool Best Offer

  • Drip control
  • Easy to push trigger
  • Silicon nozzle sleeves
  • Extendable plastic stand
  • For any queries please contact customer service number - 1800-425-8665 (toll free)
  • Warranty - 1 year from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)
  • Product Information

    Style: F0130910JB
    Technical Details
    Item Weight 422 g
    Product Dimensions 23 x 16.4 x 6.2 cm
    Shipping Weight 400 Grams
    Item Model Number F0130910JB
    Item Part Number F0130910JB
    Primary material Other material
    Capacity Standard
    Number of Pieces 3
    What is in the box? 3-Piece Accessory

    Product Description


    Product Description

    The Dremel 910 is a high temperature (165 degree celsius) glue gun with a drip-controlled precision tip. Because of its compact size and good ergonomics (t-handle, stable base, extendable stand) it is ideal for quick light DIY jobs around the house, such as gluing ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, etc. The Dremel 910 glue gun is an entirely different system to the rotary tool that the brand is recognised for. The Dremel 910 glue gun is a single-temperature glue gun especially suitable for detailed gluing in all light DIY jobs.
    High Temperature
    The Dremel 910 Glue gun’s high temperature makes the tool ideal for a variety of light DIY jobs, such as gluing ceramics, wood, plastics and glass. Together with the included 7 mm multi-purpose sticks, you are ready start
    Ergonomic Design
    With its ergonomic T-handle, the 910 glue gun is a well-balanced tool that makes operating easy and comfortable. This glue gun comes with an integrated extendable plastic stand; this allows the tool to be easily positioned in a safe and stable way.
    Control and Protect Your Work
    The 910 glue gun includes a drip control silicon nozzle sleeve. This prevents glue from dripping onto your work and the glue burning the nozzle. With the easy-to-push trigger handle, a constant flow of glue requires little force, meaning you will always have perfect control of the tool. The 910 has an output glue rate of 5 g/min.
    Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike
    The Dremel 910 glue gun is perfect for beginners or experts. This is because Dremel ensures that every tool meets the highest quality standards and optimises the users’ enjoyment and comfort while working, however complex or simple the task may be.
    Dremel Quality and Guarantee
    Dremel products, as with all Bosch products, have a 2-year warranty. However, the quality of all Dremel tools means there is little likelihood of having to replace this tool. Dremel tools are built to last and maintain their high performance levels, while still being affordably priced. Simply put, I haven't found another glue gun of quite the same quality, build, ease of use and price. Its lightweight, with a great grip and the smooth working of the trigger allows you to regulate the glue flow effortlessly and accurately. The stand is also very stable and handy, unlike on the cheaper local ones available at half the price, which keep leaking and fall over sideways half the time. The box packing is durable and sturdy, you can store it right in the box if you want to keep it clean. The removable cord is a very good safety feature, and its quite long as well, giving you a lot of working space and allowing you to move quite a distance from the electrical point- which means you have great flexibily to work in all locations and environments. The device also continues to work upto 3-4 mins after switching off the electric supply as well, allowing you to actually unplug and carry the gun into hard to reach places as well. Lastly there is NO leakage or dripping of hot glue - a huge plus in my books. If you are considering between this and a local glue gun (which is probably less than half the price of the Dremmel 940), let me tell you of my own experiences. I too purchased a local glue gun, but the experience has been far from happy. For one thing, these local guns tend to get super hot around the nozzle area which usually leads to some really nasty burns when you are working (no matter how careful you are, eventually you end up touching the nozzle with you fingers and burning or peeling the skin painfully atleast once). There is no protection from the steel tipped nozzle which is usually heated to temperatures between 150-200 deg C so you can understand how this is a frequent issue. The handle is perfect to hold the gun, very usable. Before I actually got this in my hands I thought it might be heavy to hold, to my surprise it is superlight :) , just 240gm. Color of the gun is light grey with blue accent looks really cool, the plastic itself seems solid and very sturdy. It has a stand in the front bottom as you can see in pics, perfect to place the gun while working.
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