Bosch-Dremel Moto Saw MS20-15 Compact Scroll Saw Best Deal

  • Easy to use
  • Dual functioning
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Precise Straight Cuts
  • Match speed to project at hand
  • For any queries please contact customer service number - 1800-425-8665 (toll free)
  • Warranty - 1 year from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)

  • Bosch Compact Scroll Saw Product Information

    Technical Details
    Color Grey
    Item Weight 4.6 Kg
    Product Dimensions 47.6 x 37.2 x 12.6 cm
    Shipping Weight 4.6 Kilograms
    Item Model Number F013MS20JB
    Item Part Number F013MS20JB
    Primary material Plastic
    Capacity 5 x 8

    Bosch Compact Scroll Saw Product Description

    Product Description

    An American brand of power tools, Dremel is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary tools which is its primary product. The rotary tools manufactured by Dremel are similar to the pneumatic die grinders used in the metal working industry except that the rotary tools are for the residential consumers while the pneumatic die grinders are for industrial purposes. Dremel home improvement products can be classed into four primary categories which are Rotary, Multi-max, Fortiflex, Ultra saw,Trio, Moto saw and Saw-max. Dremel Moto Saw MS20-1/5 Compact Scroll Saw can be summed up in two p's and an e - precise, portable and easy. The Dremel Moto Saw is a tool exclusive to Dremel that gets converted from a stationary scroll saw and a portable hand held coping saw with the touch of a button and vice versa. The Moto saw is the perfect solution for cutting projects and is portable, compact and easy to use as well. It is suitable for creative craft and hobby projects as well as work in and around the household like model building, light repairs as well as woodwork. Used to make deep cuts in different types of materials like wood, metal, plastic and laminates, the saw is easy to setup, store and operate and features a tool-free mechanism that allows effortless changing of blades. The attribute of auto-tensioning keeps the blade forever taut and ever ready to cut - you won't have to make any blade adjustments. The slim, ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip while cutting any sort of material.

    Bosch Compact Scroll Saw From the Manufacturer

    The Dremel Moto-Saw is a compact and easy-to-use scroll saw for making detailed cuts in different materials. With its range of different saw blades, the Dremel Moto-Saw can handle many different materials easily. Thanks to its detachable fretsaw, it can be used not only stationary but in-hand anywhere. This user friendly scroll saw is not only easy to store and set-up, but also easy to operate. The Dremel Moto-Saw is the most user-friendly scroll saw.
    • Easy to use: quick accessory change combined with effortless set-up and storage due to its compact size.
    • Dual functioning: stationary mode for precision work and handheld mode for larger work pieces.
    • Reduced vibration: hold down foot.
    • Precise straight cuts: guide rails and parallel guide to assist cutting up to 18 mm.
    • Match speed to project at hand: Full variable speed control (1.500-2.250 RPM)
    • General Purpose Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS51)
      Saw blade for straight and large diameter curved cuts in wooden and plastic materials. This blade has 6 teeth per centimetre ensuring a good balance between speed and precision.
      Metal Cutting Saw Blade (MS53)
      Saw blade for cutting soft sheet metal. This blade has 10 teeth per centimetre ensuring excellent cuts.
      Fine Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS52)
      Saw blade for detailed cuts in wooden materials. This blade has 7 teeth per centimetre ensuring the finest cutting result
    • Accessories
      The Moto-Saw blades have been designed to tackle a range of different materials including laminate, soft wood, hard wood, PVC or soft sheet metal. Depending on the application and the material, there is always a right selection of blade to achieve the best results. Below you can find all exclusive Moto-Saw Accessories.
    • Easy to assemble and use blade fixing is a piece of cake detachable dosent make much sound very easy to make curved cuts Occupies less area in your tableCons: Costly blades Blades can be unavailable thickness of material which it can cut is limited thin thin blades break easily if not used carefully a 90 degree cut is almost impossible in one shot. You need to make curved cuts and then adjust it You need a bigger hole to pass the saw through it. Atleast 7 mm in diameter. SO if yiu have smaller areas to cut, this one is not for you.
    • I had been looking for a machine scroll saw for some time having used a hand held fretsaw for a long time. Now the Moto saw is the answer to my requirement. I am only peeved at the availability of saw blades. I have been scouring the net for some source for these blades in India. My fond hope is that Dremel will help me by pointing me to a source for the same in Chennai, India
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