Godrej Aer twist gel perfume, coolsurf 16% Off

Godrej Aer twist gel perfume
Godrej aer twist fragrances come with a clever gel technology that makes sure your car smells consistently good for two months. It is also spill-proof and fits nicely in the cup-holder. Just in case you have something better looking for the dashboard. Though, we highly doubt that.


A happy fragrance.After heading to an orange orchard, we found out why orange farmers are a happy bunch. It was the sunny, citrus fragrance that made them happy. And now, it’ll add sunshine to your life too.
Breezy and how.This fragrance is inspired by the smooth sea breeze flowing over coral reefs in Mauritius. It just can’t get breezier than this.
Warm blush.Life is not a bed of roses. But it can smell like one, right? Here’s a fragrance that is as fresh as it is romantic.
Nature’s delight.When was the last time you walked on fresh green grass? Or wandered in lavender fields? Plug this in and its fragrance might even make you hear birds chirping.
Rule 1: Don’t smoke. It’s not good for your nose or lungs.
Rule 2: If you must take the occasional puff,
twist open musk.after.smoke.
At least your nose may be spared.
Rule 3: Go back to rule 1.
Keeps your car consistently fragrant for up to sixty days
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