Instyler Rotating Rollers Hair Styler Kit Curler, Straightener Curling Iron

Instyler Rotating Rollers Hair Styler Kit Curler, Straightener Curling Iron


Product Features
Instyler Rotopro Rotatin Hot Rollers
Rolling Irons

Tame the coarsest hair, curl the the thinnest flyaway hair.
Straighten the thickest, curliest hair! All with less frying, drying heat.
The secret to the Instyler lies in its rotating polishing cylinder and four rows of precision-aligned bristles.
The gentle heat and rotating barrel polishes each hair strand individually, giving you incredible shine and style!
After you place a 2- to 3-inch section of hair between the barrel and bristled end, the barrel will begin to rotate.
Dozens of Styles in Under 10 Minutes.
Instruction To Use
There are a few benefits to the Instyler that make a very different from just a flat iron or curling iron.
It is able to style your hair in half the time, and it is as good at straightening hair that is curly as it is curling hair that is straight. It will add body to flat or limp hair, and it will also provide an amazing shine that you would only normally get from a flat iron. 
The fact that it does all of this without damaging your hair is one of the things that really makes it worthwhile.
Benefits Of Instyler
At first glance, the Instyler appears to be yet another expensive curling iron, but it is much more than that. It combines the power of a flat iron and the setting ability of a curling iron in a much safer and more effective package.

Rather than wrapping your hair round and round a hot curling iron, you gently clamp your hair between the rotating barrel of the Instyler and the attached brush, and this adds shine while also providing you with a style that will continue to hold throughout the day.
1 Months Vendor Warranty only on Manufacturing defects.
We only sell good quality products.
In The Box
1 Unit of Instyler Rotating Hot Iron.
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