Lifelong HSB01 Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush with Temperature control Best Deal

  Lifelong HSB01 Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush with Temperature control
About the Product
  • 8x faster than traditional flat irons and blow drying
  • Professional styling that looks like a fresh blow dry in only 3-5 minutes
  • 80 - 210 degrees celsius keeps heat consistent from the root to the tip of the hair with each stroke
  • Tangle free 360 degrees swivel cord to avoid the wire twining
  • 100% tourmaline ceramic heating plate, stable heating
 The Lifelong Hair Straightening Brush is a revolutionary product that straightens hair while combing it to achieve perfect results within minutes and in the comfort of your own home. The brush reaches its maximum temperature of 230 degrees within seconds and the large contact area ensures that you achieve maximum results per stroke. Since the hair is not passed between two hot plates, the hair does not get damaged or overly dry. Just divide your hair into sections and run the brush on dried hair to get hair that’s salon straight. The Lifelong Hair Straightening Brush helps you save time, money and a lot of effort and has you ready within minutes!
The Lifelog Hair straightening brush is meant for all type of hair. The temperature can be controlled based on hair type with the help of the LED display and buttons
  1. For thick hair, advised temperature is between 210-230 degrees centigrade
  2. For normal hair, advised temperature is between 190-210 degrees centigrade
  3. For thin hair, advised temperature is between 170-200 degrees centigrade
The brush fits easily in ones and hand and extremely easy to use across hair sections The brush heats up within seconds to help you get ready in a jiffy!
Design The Lifelong Hair straightening brush has a big paddle head which allows you to cover more amount of hair in one stroke The Ceramic plate ensures that the hair is smooth after each stroke and does not burnEase of use
  • Make sure your hair is dry
  • Switch on the brush
  • Adjust the required temperature with the help of the display panel and buttons
  • Divide hair into sections
  • Use brush slowly on the hair sections
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    About Lifelong and the Brand Heritage
    Lifelong Online is a part of a 25-year-old  diversified Lifelong group. The company is committed to providing superior quality products across categories partiularly in the personal care and grooming category.
    I am so much in love with it. It hardly takes 5 minutes. I have medium length hair. Mine s kinda wavy hair. So it works like wonders on my hair to straighten it. The display shows the reading while the temperature reaches the expected set temperature. It takes like 15-20 secs to reach desired temperature. U won't feel the heat on the brush. That's a pro. I love love love it.
  • I am glad I got this product before Diwali so I can bid parlour visits good bye. Super functioning got my hair salon ready in flat 8 minutes. Totally sharing this secret with my closer few
  • It manages my hair well. it does not give the artificial straightening look. Once we get used to it (temperature regulation, hand-grip, etc), we can set our hair in styles that stays for a very very long time. Obviously, it does'nt give short curls to your hair (as it is with the conventional hair press). I really like this hairbrush as it gives me a ready for office look and also party look in few minutes. Thankyou :)
  • Very good for daily use. Easily adjustable temperature... Works very well on thick and dry hair. 4/5 bec it doesn't make hair pin straight like straightener. But definately worth grabs...
  • Very good product....Much much much better than normal straighteners....Very Easy to handle....Works just fine on my frizzy hair...Leaves the hair smooth too...Love this product...
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