Logitech Prodigy G213 Gaming Keyboard Best Offer

  • Prodigy series Logitech G keyboard for advanced gaming-grade performance is up to 4x faster than standard keyboards, so every keypress is near instantaneous from fingers to screen
  • Brilliant color spectrum illumination lets you easily personalize up to 5 lighting zones from over 16.8 million colors to match your style and gaming gear
  • Tactile performance keys tuned for gaming with responsive and more
  • Dedicated media control let you quickly play, pause, skip and adjust the volume of music right from the keyboard
  • Easily customize key lighting, 12 function keys with custom commands and more with free Logitech gaming software
  • Product Description

    Prodigy G213 is a performance driven wired Logitech keyboard designed for gamers of all levels.  Slim, durable, precise and spill-resistant, Prodigy G213 is designed for the way you play. Personalize brilliant Logitech RGB color lighting and lighting patterns to match your style from a spectrum of 16.8 million colors. Customize all 12 function keys to quickly and accurately execute complex maneuvers. With performance-tuned keys, Prodigy G213 brings together the best in tactile feedback you can feel and gaming-grade performance.  Keys are tuned to deliver ultra-quick, responsive feedback that is up to 4 times faster than the keys on standard keyboards, while the anti-ghosting gaming matrix prevents response delays even when you press multiple keys simultaneously. With dedicated media controls, you can play, pause and mute music and videos instantly right from the keyboard.

    Logitech G213 Prodigy

    Performance-Driven Gaming Keyboard

    When it comes to gaming, all keyboards are not created equal. G213 is made for the way you play. Play faster than you would using a standard keyboard thanks to performance-tuned keys that bring together the best in tactile feel and gaming-grade performance.

    Brilliant Color Spectrum Illumination

    Personalize five individual lighting zones from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors.*Change colors to match your setup or specific games. Logitech Gaming Software even allows you to synchronize lighting effects with other Logitech G devices for a system that truly matches you.

    *Some settings require Logitech Gaming Software available for download on the website.

    Gaming Grade Performance: 4x Faster than Standard Keyboards

    Each key on the G213 is tuned to enhance the tactile experience, delivering ultra-quick, responsive feedback that is up to 4x faster than standard keyboards. The anti-ghosting gaming matrix is tuned for optimal gaming performance, keeping you in control when you press multiple gaming keys simultaneously.

    Crisp, Brilliant Rgb Lighting: 16.8 Million Color Options

    A modern keyboard with five individual lighting zones in a spectrum of up to 16.8 million colors. Change colors to match your setup, specific games or just to showcase your favorite colors. Low light leak around the keycaps means more light comes through the lettering, making each key more brilliant and easier to find in the dark.*

    *Logitech Gaming Software is required to customize profile settings.

    Spill-Resistant and Durable: Designed for Real Life

    Accidents happen, that’s why G213 Prodigy is built for real life. No matter whether you’re playing or working, G213 Prodigy can take a beating, with a durable construction that resists liquid spills*, crumbs and dirt so real-world accidents don’t get in the way.

    *Tested with 60ml liquid spillage.

    Dedicated Media Controls: Play, Pause, Skip, Adjust

    Control your background track without pausing the action. G213 features dedicated media controls that can be used to play, pause, and mute music and videos instantly. Adjust the volume or skip to the next song with a touch of a button.

Logitech Prodigy G213 Gaming Keyboard Information

Technical Details
Brand Logitech
Series Prodigy
Item Height 21.8 Centimeters
Item Width 37 Millimeters
Item Weight 1.1 Kg
Product Dimensions 26.4 x 3.7 x 21.8 cm
Item model number 920-008083
Included Components Gaming Keyboard
Nice built quality, keys are a nice depth in order activate do sound like a mechanical. Colors are brilliant with a great degree of customization. What drew me to this keyboard is the simplicity in design, nice surface which is sweat resistant, really nice media controls, the ability to toggle the RGB lights on and off, and the water resistant construction. Highly recommended for both gamers and non-gamers! Minimalistic design but still has everything I need. The keys feel good and are slightly more quiet than my G710. I use a G13 game panel for most of my games so i did not need the extra macro keys (and bulkiness) of the G710+. If you rely on those keys do not buy this keyboard. Lighting is nice and the media controls are excellent. Just a solid product with a good price. This a a great keyboard. Logitech continues to make great products and this is show by the build quality of this keyboard. For a membrane keyboard its very loud giving a mechanical feel and sound. The rgb lighting looks great, the only downside to this keyboard is no g keys. I have used logitech g series keyboards for years and have loved every single one of them. If your looking for a cheap great keyboard with rgb back-lighting then this is the perfect keyboard for you. Great Keyboard, the keys aren't as loud as other mechanical keyboards. The backlighting makes this a winner, however, the software doesn't display any options to change into a specific color, only rainbow cycle. I used to have the corsair k65, this is much cheaper, quieter, and doesn't disconnect randomly like the k65. Corsair is great, but only for internal components; Logitech has all the preferred peripherals.  
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