Nivia Dominator Football Shoes Best Deal

  • Contoured speed last. Internal Chassis creates instant acceleration.
  • Superior grip and underfoot support.
  • Seamless Upper and Sole made of ''AIR MESH" TPU.

  • Product Information

    Technical Details
    Brand Nivia
    Color Blue
    Good studs.gets comfortable after the first use. Anyone buying this, check one size up and down as well to check which fits better as it is a single mold and will not loosen up easily over time so choose size careful. I tried a few sizes before I got a good fit and I am very happy with it. Hope it lasts long. 1. Rubber type material for any type of weather 2. not having a single thread 3. one piece so having an advantage over sole 4. long endurance for more than a year in my case (365 days of usage approx 2-3 hours daily) 5. decent price in accordance with quality 6. splendid looks Cons:- 1. its reduce the level of power in shot due to its material 2. non-adjustable to foot after few plays.... it still made its own factory structure throughout its life maybe of rubber base material 3. will not be preferable to play a chip shot as its front have a circular structure. 4. accuracy in high-dry kicks gets infected ......but ground passes will be accurate . good shoes, just that it takes some time to fit to your feet. Also it is very easy to clean the outer surface, and the inner soul of the shoe comes off easily and one can wash separately. I have used it for about 3 months and its still fine. overall a very good product from Nivia Good pair of shoes actually. I suggest to go for the right size rather that one up. For better comfort after unboxing remove the inner cushioning and dip it in warm water (not boiling hot water) for about 15-20 minutes. This will soften the shoe which is very rigid especially in the front area.. then remove the water content using a dry cloth and wear it for about half n hour and walk. Make sure you Feel comfortable and then take on to the turf.. i tried it and its really awesome now. One down side is that we cant play chip shots as the toe part is round rather than narrow . Really a good product from nivia. I loved the studs.... the reason why they are so durable is that they are single piece shoes sole is not attached or glued .. so they are my best studs .awsome Provides good ball control, chip shots can be performed through these studs, suitable for all positions on the ground. When you wear it for the first time it will be tight but it will get loose at time goes by. Studs are of good quality and outer material made of rubber. But even after using it for 2 weeks regularly, I'm still getting the shoe bite. As it is made of rubber, the shoe does not open up as per required. Perfect shoes for football player..... Sole doesn't come out.. And nice color.  
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