Nivia Python Gym Gloves Best Deal

  • Super stretchable micro leather
  • Added padding on the palms for better comfort during workouts
  • Size chart available in secondary image
  • Made of Stretchable Micro Leather
  • Remains Odour free and clean even while sweating
  • Ergonomic padding
  • Ideal for both Men and Women
  • Product Information

    Technical Details
    Brand Nivia
    1. Great quality - The build quality, I must say is quite good. The cushioning is comfortable and the gloves are quite stretchable as well. They fit perfectly fine. 2. Good Price Bracket - I must say, I have used various gloves however, in this price range, they are the best pick. I sincerely recommend that you go for this rather than for the 400 rupee glove as these would last twice as long and would still be comfortable to use. 3. Good Grip - The most intended purpose of use, for gym gloves is to provide comfort while wearing, delay (not completely prevent) the formation of calluses, and to provide good grip upon holding the dumbbells or the barbel for successful completion of the exercise. I'm glad to inform you that this is the case for these gloves. They provide excellent grip (especially when compared to other gloves in this price bracket). I was able to surpass my maximum as the grip provided by these gloves was one of the factor in doing so (I sincerely feel so).Cons: I must say that not everything is not bright and shiny in case of these gloves. They do have a dark side to them. 1. Odor Management - This is the only con that I've experienced so far using these gloves. I tend to produce quite a sweat while working out and so, I expect the gloves to handle them. Although these gloves are quite good in retaining the sweat (while working out) and not get slippery, that is not the case once you've done working out. You WOULD have to keep the gloves in an open space for it to dry. If you do not, then you are in for a treat of one of the worst smelling gym equipment. However, I do leave them under the fan for a few hours and I must say, there is not a trace of odor upon doing so. If not, Then, as said earlier, you are in for a treat my friend.
    go with this wrist support- Nivia Wrist Support its washable too and provides great grip and support to wrist. A must for every gym goers
    very great. Best quality. More importantly, first measure your hand size and buy according to chart size or else u will end up buying wrong size. The price is little higher than expected but that doesnt concern much to me. And since i am a workout freak, its very useful in handling many stuffs and rod bars. I love this very much.
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