Orpat OCH-1270 2000-Watt Convector Heater (Silver) Best Deal

  • Ideal for a small/medium sized room only. Makes some noise due to fan
  • Twin turbo design for better heating and non sagging, stitched type, long life heating element
  • Over heat auto cut-off protection and thermal cut-off for added safety
  • Easy to carry handle and variable thermostat setting for temperature control
  • Adjustable height, power on indicator can be used as fan and 100 percent pure copper wire motor
  • Two heat setting - 1000 and 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Description for Orpat OCH-1270 2000-Watt Convector Heater (Silver)

    From the Manufacturer

    The Orpat OCH-1270 Convector Heater is a revolutionary product that can effectively heat any given surrounding. It is designed with dual turbo features for efficient heating, and has an extremely durable heating element that comes in a stitched form. This convector heater has an inbuilt automatic cut-off system to prevent overheating, and its compact design and convenient handle make it easy to move around. It also has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature according to your preference. The height can be adjusted to suit your liking, and it can be alternatively used as a fan. It operates on a 100 percent copper wire motor. This heater is bound to become a favourite in your home, warming you up on those icy days. So say goodbye to cold winter evenings with the Orpat OCH-1270, which promises to make your home a warm and comfortable place to live in.
    Product Features
    • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
    • Runs on a 100 percent copper wire motor.
    • Has an automatic overheating control and thermal cut-off protection.
    • Comes with dual heat adjustments, that consume 1000 watts and 2000 watts.
    • The heater warms up a 12 X 14 ft room in about 10 minutes to a comfortable temperature. The thermostat works well, cutting off the heating function when the room is sufficiently warm: you have to set the cut-off point based on how comfortable you feel, there is no option of setting any specific temperature. The heating coils inside are visible and I have not seen them turning red. The fan in the heater is not powerful at all and it takes a while for the hot air to spread across the room. If you want immediate relief, you'll have to point the air-flow towards yourself and sit within six feet of the heater. I have not felt any discomfort due to the air in the room losing moisture rapidly because of this heater, but then, I have not used the device for more than one hour at a stretch: I switch it off after the room is sufficiently warm and with the windows closed, the warmth lasts easily for a few hours. The product has a simple and rugged design, without any complex electronics or fancy features. It does what it is supposed to do and doesn't have much in it that could go wrong. I consider it a great value-for-money product.
    • I am writing this review after using heater for one month. Here is my experience about the product. 1) it will heat up a small / average size room with in 10 minutes. So it will meet our expectations. 2) it is 2000 wts devise so you need a power plug (16amps) in the room. I tried to use it after applying power plug extension in top of normal plug. But it got burned. so don't try using the heater in the normal plug it will damage your wiring for sure.
    • Poduct is very much good. As usual Orpat has manufactured another excellent product in affordable price. Amazon has significantly delivered product. Nashik current temprature was decreased to 6.5 degree, but this heat convector helped to maintain room temp. If you have bady in house, I REALLY REFFERED this product. also its not too noisy compare to other products.
    • I purchased at very night price later it was available at low price and the difference was 600Rs. I am Quite disappointed with Amazon, Product is Good
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