Philips DVP3608 DVD Player

This versatile DVD player from Philips will expand the horizon of your entertainment with multiple-disc support. The Philips DVP3608 has a slide out tray that plays a single disc at a time. The video upscaling feature boosts the video quality of your favorite movies to play it in sharp detail.

This DVD player by Philips is powered by a 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz power supply. The power saving feature of this DVD player lets you reduce your electricity bill even if you leave it on through the night, by consuming 1 W of power on standby and 10 W on play mode.
DesignThe Philips DVD player weighs 1.1 kg and has a sleek and modern design that will define your entertainment for years to come. The stylish front panel sports the familiar control buttons with the disc load tray. The USB port on the left front panel is conveniently placed for easy access. This Philips video player is also compatible with a remote control, making it comfortable to control from a distance.
Video and AudioThis Philips DVP3608 DVD player supports PAL and NTSC signal systems. You can watch media content from DVD-video discs, DVD-R/-RW, video CDs, CDs and CD-R/-RWs, giving you a wide choice of discs to choose from. These videos can be played in MPEG1 and MPEG2 file formats. The video digital to analog converter functions at 12 bit, 108 MHz, playing your videos in a resolution as close to the original video as possible.

The audio digital to analog converter, on the other hand, functions at 24 bit, 192 KHz, preserving the quality of sound and delivering high quality music and audio tracks faithfully. The Dolby Digital sound system of this Philips DVD player supports high-fidelity surround sound and reproduces a realistic effect of the audio track in your favorite movies.

The signal to noise ratio of this DVD player is 90 dB, canceling all noises to render sound tracks with no disturbances. The frequency response range of 30 - 20000 Hz encompasses the entire range of sounds that the human ear can hear. And you can listen to audio tracks from MP3-CDs, MP3-DVDs, CD-R/RW and Audio CDs in MP3, PCM and WMA file formats.
Connectivity and FeaturesThis Philips DVD player sports a composite video out, component video out and analog audio multi-channel out ports that can be used to connect the video player to a home theatre system or television. You can also use the USB slot to access videos, movies and music from a flash drive. This DVD player by Philips can also read files in JPEG format too, letting you view photographs from a storage device through this video player.

This video player also boasts of a child lock and parental control feature which lets you decide what content your children can access with this video player. The one-touch MP3 creation function lets you convert files from a CD to MP3 and store them on a media player or flash drive with a USB cable.

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