Pritech Sport 3d Waterproof Washable Shaver Rsm-1278

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Product Features
Enjoy a pleasurable shaving experience every morning as you use the new Pritech shaver, which is sensitive to your skin. You can use it with foam or gel for a wet shave, or do a dry run when in a hurry.
The shaver is embedded with a seal that renders it 100% waterproof, so that you can use it under the shower with your favorite foam or gel. For convenience sake, you can also have a quick and dry shave when you are in a hurry .
rotary 3 cutting head pritech
razor charge time:8 hour
razor cleaning method:full-body water wash
charge time use completely:45 minutes
razor applicable voltage:24ov
razor trimmer / trimmer:none
razor power supply charge type:way
One Month Vendor Warranty for Manufacturing defects
In The Box
One Shaver
One Adaptor
One Manual


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