Redgear pro Series Wireless Gamepads With Built in rechargeable battery and Plug and Play support for all PC games supports Windows Best Deal

  • Integrated force feedback
  • Illuminated ABXY keys
  • 2 analog triggers
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 11 digital keys
  • Built-in battery
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Product Description

    Redgear Pro series gamepads uses 2.4Ghz technology that supports up to 10 meters of wireless range, Now game like a pro for up to 10 hours on a single charge with built in li-ion battery, just charge the gamepad for 30 minutes and enjoy a uninterrupted gameplay for about 2 hours. Charge the controller completely at night for up to 4 hours and enjoy 10 hours of gameplay. Redgear Pro series wireless gamepad uses the latest and ultra precise VR on the left and right stick to help you game like a pro, no more dead zones while playing your FPS games and allows better control for angles on sports games. Redgear Smartline gamepad comes with X-input and direct-input compatibility that allows you to play all the latest games in plug and play mode, easily move between X-input mode and direct-input mode with a dedicated switch. No more hassles of downloading software from in the internet to use your gamepad for new games. If you want to play your old classics not to worry just install the driver provided in the box and you can enjoy all your classics. Jazz up your gaming space with our new Pro series controller with backlit illuminated ABXY keys. Illuminated keys help you locate your controller at night in the dark for nocturnal gamers. Now feel all the bumps, crashes and shots with a realistic intense vibration feedback with dual high intensity motors for the realistic gameplay. The new turbo mode in Redgear Pro series gamepads lets you configure your weapons to shoot in bursts giving you a tactile advantage in the those shooting games.

    Product Information

    Technical Details
    Brand Redgear
    Colour Black
    Item Weight 349 g
    Product Dimensions 17.6 x 15.6 x 6.8 cm
    Item model number Pro Series
    Included Components Gamepad
    Ive had this controller for a month and it is wonderful. I also have an Xbox 360 Controller, which is an excellent controller, so most of my criticism will be with respect to the 360. The build quality is solid. The overall shape is identical to the 360 and the rubber panels on the side are a nice addition(especially for my sweaty hands). The analog sticks are very smooth and resistance is uniform for all movements, no matter how far you move the stick from the center, which gives it a buttery feel. Id suggest you get additional thumb grips as the rubber over the sticks started wearing off for me. Granted i play very vigorously (super smash bros melee, for those who know it, you'll understand) and regardless, a pair of thumbgrips for 200-300Rs is a worthwhile purchase. Moving on, the triggers and shoulder buttons are very similar to the 360, so no problems there. I want to highlight the abxy buttons. Aside from the light up feature, which is nice to show off to friends, the buttons are incredibly crisp, giving you a responsive feel on the press and a fast, snapped-return on the release. They are also slightly more elevated from the casing which feels better to the fingers while not wiggling around in their place excessively. In all respects, these buttons are better than the 360 controller. The dpad is also of a high quality. Im not comparing this to the 360 dpad, which is known for being incredibly bad. The button press on the dpad are all very sharp and i never ran into the issue of pressing the wrong direction. the rest of the buttons are pretty inconsequential in my opinion, but none have given me any problems. The cable seems sturdy, especially at the junction where it meets the controller, and is of a sufficient length. Hi, This is Akshat Jain. I bought this product around 2 weeks ago. I am having problem charging the product. The slow blink is not getting shown. When i plug into charger the blinks are very fast as if the battery is draining. The ABXY buttons light up when plugged into adapter. Otherwise it is outstanding gamepad. Would like reply from seller as soon as possible. This is the latest version of the redgear Gamepad series and the most advanced one in the series.They have really improved the ergonomics factor with the latest pro series.It is a wireless gamepad ,So no strings attached.You can rest on your couch while gaming.It uses 2.4Ghz technology that supports up to 10 meters of range. This version looks a lot different from their previous gamepad.The quality and performance is also improved.The battery inside is Li-Ion.It will last for 9+ hours on a full charge and Just like quick charge in smartphones you would get 2 hours of gameplay with 30mins of charge.That's a very impressive and useful feature.The button layout is similar to an XBOX 360 controller and different from the previous Highline version.Redgear PRO gamepad is compatible with all PC games because of the X-input and D-INPUT support.You can also use this with PS3 and AndroidTv. I'll write few points for those who are looking to buy this controller. Size is slightly smaller than the regular Xbox 360 wireless controller and its lighter as well. Battery is built in and can be charged with the included micro usb Cable. And you can simultaneously charge and play. Both X input and D input is supported. Setup is quite easy ,just Plug in the small receiver and turn on the controller, Windows automatically recognizes as Xbox 360 controller. This is on newer windows versions. Don't know about windows 7 or older. Vibration works and there are left and right motors. Keys light up and look good. Two analog sticks are pretty grippy and move smoothly, the left and right triggers are also analog and are pressure sensitive. I didn't feel too much input lag, but those into serious fps should stick to mouse and keyboard. As for the most important question, NO YOU CANNOT USE IT AS WIRED CONTROLLER. If you lose the receiver ,then throw the controller in dustbin.  
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