Strauss Yoga Mat Best Deal

  • 6mm thick anti-skid yoga mat is perfect for yoga workout and other floor exercises
  • It provides padding and support which helps you perform the posture comfortably
  • Easy to roll up and washable
  • Non-slip bottom provides stability during yoga or workout
  • Textured patterned foam material
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    Brand STRAUSS

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    The Strauss Yoga Mat is what you need for all your yoga exercises at home. The mat is padded for comfortable activity, ensuring that you won't be damaging your knees and feet while carrying out your yoga postures. The mat is also designed to prevent skidding so you won't find yourself slipping out of place in the middle of your session. Firm enough to take the pressure of exercising yet soft enough to comfort the joints, the strauss yoga mat finds a nice balance between all the requirements of a yoga mat. The material in use is durable and resistant to wear and tear, and the mat and yourself will see many yoga postures together. Arriving in a number of colors, you can choose the one that best suits you. The mat is easy to roll up and storage takes very little space. It is the ideal product for exercising at home, meeting the criteria of comfort, purpose and economy. Beginning your yoga session is as simple as unfurling the mat, placing it on the ground and kicking off!
    • Size: 6mm
    • Color: Grey
    • Roll up and store
    • Washable
    • Generous padding for comfort
    • Ideal for home yoga sessions
    • Anti-skidding design
    • The item arrived on time from Amazon. The mat looks well designed, and comes in a good quality reusable bag. The mat did have a distinct plastic odor. I aired it on my balcony for three days and the smell was gone. The mat is about 5.5 feet X 2 feet. Thickness is 6 mm as stated. I wanted this primarily as a cushion while performing basic asanas in seated position. The mat meets the need for many yoga poses. However, what bothers me about the mat is that is does not provide active resistance to pressure unlike some other rubber mats I have used. The mat is more like a thin layer of memory foam that retains the shape as you press it. This means that the mat yields easily to pressure and depresses to floor level quickly without offering a real cushioning effect - especially poses such as a basic vajrasana where the pressure per square cm is more than say a shavasana where pressure is spread over a wider surface area. The mat also claims an "anti-skid" backing. I don't see any special coating, or evidence of this. Overall, this is not a mat for serious yoga.
    • I previously ordered this product from Durga sellers and it was absolutely terrible and below standard product and it was a hassle to return as it was self shipping. I then tried a different seller KHEL KOOD, the product came to be excellent, received in 2 days, everything in the description measured to the product. The color and quality and it came with a bag. I'm in love with it and plan buying a few more. So the bad reviews and photos you see are durgas and the original is from khelkood sellers.
    • I was initially thrilled with the mat, it looks good, and is quite thick.... To I noticed that after 3-4 uses it started shredding!! The pieces were flying all over in my yoga class!! Wouldn't recommend it at all!! The mat doesn't have a good grip as well... So my feet were slipping in the exercises where I had to stand with legs stretched wide sideways.
    • Please do not buy from Shivam Sellers. I got a completely different product than what was ordered. When contacted the seller, he was least bothered.After lot of efforts he finally contacted and asked me to return from my end and promised me to refund both courier and product amount. Its been over 2 months he has not refunded my money. The seller is a cheater. Please do not ever buy.I hope amazon looks into this.
    • I would have given -5stars if that was possible quality is terrible. Because it is made in china thats what the tag says. It astonishingly compresses from 6mm to 1mm. Wont gonna last long. I wish if i could afford those high end yoga mats showed in youtube yoga videos which yoga teachers use....
    • Very poor quality. The mat started chipping off 15-20 days after i started using it. I was using a local one earlier which worked super for over an year. I will definitely not recommend this one.
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