Syska 18 Watts T5 LED Tube Light (Pack of 1, Cool Day Light) Best Offer


Product Information

Technical Details
Brand Syska
Part Number SSK-SQ1801
Weight 200 Grams
Colour White
Material Plastic
  Quite satisfied. The brightness is more than 40W slim fluroscent light...It is written Syska LED but unable to see LEDs embedded though... But I think, in local market also other brand LED tubes are with same cost...So to check once before you place order or if you haven't got time to search in market, go for online shopping... You will be surprised with the brightness and the way it lights up the room. It saves you electricity as well and works well with the home inverter delivering flicker free performance in low voltage situations. I received the product but it is not functional. The tube doesn't not work. I wanted to return it but for that I have to shipped it at my own which is the very disappointing drawback of Amazon. The tube light stopped working in 2 months.W hen contacted syska customer care they don't know that such a product is available in 18 watts. Night 2 syska led tube lights. 1 damaged n by collection my done..getting postponed next day from a week... frustrating good quality tube light. though a bit costly upfront it reduces cost per unit in long run... Product is good but I want to appreciate for the packaging of the product, it was very well packed by Amazon. Overall I had a nice experience. Replaced with my 28W CFL and provides same amount of light compared to cfl with more whitershade. Moreover it fits right in to existing cfl camps.    
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