TENDA TE-D303 Wireless N300 ADSL2+3G Modem Router (All In One) Best Offer

  • Input Type RJ-45 (Ethernet Cable) supported by ISPs such as MTNL, BSNL, Airtel,Hathway,ACT Fibrenet,Spectranet and neighbourhood cable operator
  • Always-On Connectivity Provides ADSL, 3G, and Ethernet WAN for broadband connection, ensuring an uninterrupted connection
  • All-in-one device All-in-one deviceAll-in-one device
  • IPTV Ready Easily enjoy lag-free streaming IPTV service over your home phone line by connecting the device to set-top box
  • 3 years replacement warranty
  • Product Description

    Product Description

    A Multi Functional Device Here is a multi-purpose Wireless Router that not only gives you wireless connectivity but also serves as a 3G Modem, Ethernet platform and NAS. When you use the Tenda TE-D303 Router as 3G Modem, you can extend your 3G data network to add devices. As 4-ports Ethernet platform, you can use the Router to add devices on a wired computer network. The NAS (Network Attached Storage) of Tenda Router lets you access files of an external hard drive with any connected device by just attaching the drive to the Router. More Connectivity OptionsTENDA Wireless Router has three WAN ports for giving broadband connectivity in large network areas. It is compatible with wired connectivity technologies like DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) to give high-speed performance over telephone lines. Further, this Router also functions as ADSL2+ Modem (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) for those who subscribe to ADSL2+ wired network to let them swiftly transfer data. UtilityYou can enjoy gaming online, internet calls and video streaming with TENDA Router that allows 300 Mbps transfer-speed. The USB port of the Wireless Router allows you shared printing facility in your network. Moreover, the TE device is secure to use as it can endure up to 6000 V lightning intake. Supports IPTVWith this Tenda TE Wireless Router, you can enjoy Internet Protocol Television streaming over your cable network by simply connecting the set-top box and the Wireless Router.

    From the Manufacturer

    Tenda D303 is an All-In-One Device that includes Wireless-N 300Mbps router, four-Port Ethernet switch, 3G and NAS in one unit. The device provides triple WAN ports for broadband connection to ensure an uninterrupted connection. It connects to high speed network through DSL or Ethernet connections. Also, by simply plug an activated 3G USB modem, the device connects to a mobile broadband. So when the DSL/cable connections is disconnected, it will connect to a mobile network. When DSL/cable connection is restored, it reconnects to reduce connection billing. Hence, the D303 is an ideal solution for office situations where a constant and uninterrupted connection is critical, or residences where fixed broadband connection is not available. 3G router, ADSL2+ modem, WiFi router, switch and USB storage sharing in one device provides you a one-stop solution. Provides ADSL, 3G, and Ethernet WAN forbroadband connection, ensuring an uninterrupted connection. Easily enjoy lag-free streaming IPTV service over your home phone line by connecting the device to set-top box. Connects your computers, smartphones and pads at wireless transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps. Withstands up to 6000 voltage lightning, fits best to lightning-intensive areas; the device can be greatly protected, the service life also will be extended. USB port provided for printing sharing, when 3G network is not connected, file sharing and storage sharing can be realized.

    TENDA TE-D303 Wireless N300 ADSL2+/3G Modem Router Information

    Technical Details
    Brand Tenda
    Series TE-D303
    Item Height 35 Millimeters
    Item Width 17.2 Centimeters
    Item Weight 132 g
    Product Dimensions 11.1 x 17.2 x 3.5 cm
    Item model number D303
    Wireless Type 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n
    Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
    Voltage 9 Volts
    Very good ADSL modem for BSNL, good wifi range Cons:no power ON/OFF Switch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 WAN Port, WPA-PSK, Frequency: 2.412 - 2.472 GHz 64/128-bit WEP, 300 Mbps Wireless Speed 2 External Antennas 3 LAN Ports, WPA2-PSK, WPS IEEE 802.11n/g/b, IEEE 802.3U, IEEE 802.3 Dynamic IP, PPPoE, Static IP, L2TP, PPTP, Built-in DHCP Server, DHCP Client List, Address Reservation Firwall:Client Filter, MAC Filter, Websites Filter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: Contact No of TENDA Service Center Hyderabad for replacement: 040-27818648 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Set Up 1. Connect your modem adaptor given in the box ( for power supply) 2. Simply on WIFI in laptop or smartphone. 3. click connect, if it asks for password click "admin" or "12345678" 4. open browser Internet explorer or chrome (mozilla firefox won't work properly in some cases) 5. Type and password "admin" 6. After login, now u can see two options (PPPOP and DHCP, where DHCP alreay selected) 7. Choose PPPOP if you are having login ID and password for your BROADBAND (Ex:ACT) 8. Provide your login id and password of your network so that you no need to type when ever you connect to it. ( will get wifi directly without typing broad band ID and Password all the time) 9. Change the password shown below 12345678 to some other you like. ( now your browser asks to reconnect give the password which you have change from 12345678 to "your password") 10. Enjoy your broad band....! Good One .....i will certainly recommend it...BUT...!!! Amazon is good but please avoid publicising wrong MRPs.... This product is priced Rs 2300.00 on the cover ............. But Amazon MRP is Rs 3500.00..and then giving 60% offer.... You sell at what ever price you want....but dont boast of providing bluckbuster deals,......Please Amazon..its a request... This is a All in One Router just for Rs.1050 1) ADSL Modem 2) Cable Modem 3) USB Modem Top of all HDD connectivity, Pendrive share, USB print share. I am minimal user. Today I tested it by switching it for the whole day (12hrs). It worked fine. No heat generated. I bought this after a deep study. No words to explain the signal strength. You wont believe that I am getting excellent signal even at 50sqft away from this router (inbetween there are 3 walls and the 50th sqft is on my terrace). Initially I was very much worried about the service. But the KING Amazon helped me in getting the service center details. Amazon gave me full support that even after 2 years if there is a problem in the router and if there are no service, I can send it to Amazon. What would have been better is - If there is a On/Off button for WiFi. The modem is just our palm size but the image shown is like a huge one. First thing you should do is to update the firm-ware . Function 1 - Conventional DSL modem works with BSNL BB ( Giving full speeds) . Function 2 - 300Mbps 5DBi two antenna's not detachable but movable wifi router better than TP Link - MR 3220 or Old Teracom Modem provided by BSNL which I have . Antenna's in these router seem's to work very fine, Just move the antenna to the direction where signal is less and it will boost signal in that area. Function 3 - 3G/EVDO Datacard support ( Supports ZTE AC 2766 and Sierra 595U ) ( Not supports D-Link DWP 157 , ZOOK 3.85GS) - Tested by me . For EVDO DATACARDS connection isn't automatic , Go to then in link type use 3g as primary then in secondary setup use country as other then ISP as other then APN blank then Username and password as your mobile no. and dial no as #777. For 3G DATACARDS automatic connection works but in case it doesn't work , Go to then in link type 3G as primary then in seconadary setup use Country as India then ISP from drop down and its done . Function 4 - Share HDD / USB Sharing available ( I connected 1TB HDD and it working fine wirelessly - speed varies from 3MBPS-4.5MBPS). For sharing HDD/Pendrive via mobile use ES file explorer app ( In app go to lan then set IP as and username/password as samba ). You could share multiple HDD's and Pendrive via it using a good usb hub but only condition is that 3G or EVDO Datacard should be disconnected if you are availing sharing service. Process for newbie : Step 1 A : Go to from browser then ADVANCED then ADVANCED SETUP then storage services then check enable samba . Step 1 B : Go to My Computer ( In windows 7 ) or This PC ( in windows 8/8.1) then In address bar I replaced my 6 years old Dlink wifi router with this one, and I can't deny my old Dlink was a real beast, i only decided to replace it because TENDA TE-D303 offers real deal while keeping the price very competitive. After using it for 2 - 3 weeks, i am really happy to say that this is great product, this is one of the best inexpensive ADSL wifi router for your home or office. I mean you can now stream HD movies on your TV, play heavy multiplayer games or literally share hard disk or printer over the wifi, which was just the dreams for average people a few years ago.  
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