Topware Lunch Box With Insulated Bag – 4 Pcs

Topware Lunch Box With Insulated Bag - 4 Pcs

Topware Lunch Box With 4 pcs. Food Grade Containers and Insulated Bag :

Carry to office nutritiously balanced meals complete with dahi (yoghurt), nimbu pani (lemonade), lassi (buttermilk). Homemade lunch is healthier and works out much cheaper. See how much you save by sending homemade food rather than buying it from elsewhere. Save on doctor's bills too.

Features & Benefits:

Liquid-tight Seal prevents spillage of curries.

This lunch box allow you to pack a complete lunch.

Smart Bag to carry your food in separate compartments.

This Set includes :

1 Tumbler

1 Tropical Cup

2 Square Away

1 Bag 

Usage Ideas :

Tumbler : Prepare nimbu pani (lemonade), lassi (buttermilk), badam(almond) milk, cold coffee or fruit juice the night before, chill and send with the lunch. 

Tropical Cup : Curries, Cut fruit, salad, payasam, sambar, kadi, etc, can be enjoyed without any spillage or accident. Set dahi (yoghurt), jelly and desserts such as custard to make an exciting meal for your loved ones.

Square Away : Keep sandwiches, parathas, rotis and rice, and also idlis, dosas and cutlets. 

Insulated Bag for carrying different kinds of items.

Note : Color is subject to availability


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